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Bad Habit!


Page 5 of the VejiBuru-y goodness. Yum!

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High Life
Title : High Life
Published : 27/Jun/1993 Size : A5
Comments : This was published after Kuri began numbering their books, but obviously because it was co-authored (with Tenshino Tamaiki) it wasn't part of the series. Thus it's at the end of the list. It consists of two adult stories, one VxB and one GxCC. The GxCC is fairly unremarkable (to me), semi-explicit and the bulk of the book. The VxB is, of course, by Kuri, and a one of their most interesting adult stories. Also, Gokou appears in Kuri's story, and she always draws Gokou so cute. [44 pgs]

Title : Shirogumi (White Team)
Published : 21/Jan/1995 Size : B5
Comments : This doujin has a partner in a book called Akagumi, which is also by Kuri and has Bulma on the cover. ^_^ This has one serious, somewhat adult story, and the rest are all gags. There's a new Ohana-chan comic, which is cute, and what seems to be a first draft for the story in Suteki na Kamisan where Mirai Trunks and Vejiita Ou are at Capsule Corp. harrassing Vejiita. I'm not sure if this is part of the numbered series or not, so for now, it's at the back. [20 pgs]

Title : Maeyaku (The Year Before Calamity)
Published : 15/Aug/1998 Size : A4
Comments : Another book produced "outside" of Kuri's numbered series. This is Mirai TrunksxBulma! ^_^ Gag of course, and absolutely hilarious as well as being just a little naughty. This has a partner in the doujinshi Atoyaku which is Vejiita-family gag by Ryujin-kai. This has some funny 4-koma, a few short stories, and one long one where Bulma is trying to get Vejiita and Trunks to participate in some festival activities with her. Of course, all the ToraBuru is in Trunks's mind... ^_^; [20 pgs]

Bad Habit!