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Bad Habit!


Page 3 of the VejiBuru-y goodness. Yum!

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Suteki na Kamisan
Title : Suteki na Kamisan [Book 16] (Lovely Wife)
Published : 29/Dec/1995 Size : A4
Comments : Vejiita-family gag. A little bit of nudity in some stories, and a few risque pictures, but other than that it's almost normal! One very strange one where Vejiita, adult Trunks, adult Goten, Mirai Trunks, and Vejiita-Ou (with a halo) are all sitting around a table doing... something. Being bored, it looks like, until Bra and Bulma come along and then chaos insues. ^_^; (Vejiita has cats all over him. Totemo kawaii desuyo!) There's a different print of this book with a red border instead of blue, but I don't know if there are other differences. [20 pgs]

W Spot
Title : W Spot [Book 17]
Published : 29/Dec/1995 Size : B5
Comments : Uh... adult. ^_^;; It actually has a few semi-colour pages, which is unusual. The artwork in this is wonderful, some of Kurizaki-san's best. This book is one of the first in which Kurizaki-san's formerly rough artwork matures fully into her signature smooth style. But as always for her, the art is so very... dynamic! Anyway, the stories are all... well, full of sex, but also quite emotionally rich. That doesn't mean they're angst and flowery screentone, though. ^_^; This is very adult, but not really hentai. However, it is above softcore, so take note if you'd prefer to avoid that. There's also a few guest illustrations, including one by Seizi Akimura. [45 pgs]

Title : Lips : VxB Version [Book 18]
Published : 31/Mar/1996 Size : B5
Comments : Probably based on the GokouxChi-chi book Lips by Earth Project and Orange House, which is on my wishlist. All the stories are based around kissing. Some nudity, some obvious "aftermaths" and so on... Quite sweet in places, funny in others. One long drama story about Bulma & Veji talking while Bulma is laid up in bed sick. Vejiita is drawn remarkably well. He has the same "intense" feel that Toriyama always gave him. My copy of this book is 2nd-print. The first version of this book had two pages of illustrated freetalk instead of a book information section, and Bulma on the cover was slightly redrawn for the 2nd print. This really isn't noticeable unless you have the two side by side. [28 pgs]

Love Birds
Title : Love Birds [Book 19]
Published : 3/May/1996 Size : B5
Comments : As the title suggests, this is a "cute" book. It has one story which is adult, but quite non-explicit and soft. There's some really funny 4-koma, such as one where Vejiita and Trunks are "image training", and Bulma joins them... except her image is of her relaxing and the two boys doing her housework. ^_^; The most adorable thing is a little story where Vejiita-nezumi is trying to leave out a collar with a bell for Bulma-neko, so that rats will always know where she is. Unfortunately, he gets caught... The whole thing is just really gorgeous! [32 pgs]

Happy Mania
Title : Happy Mania [Book 21]
Published : 28/Dec/1996 Size : A4
Comments : Really funny book, mostly gags, although some of these are a little naughty. I cannot figure out why Vejiita is blowing up a condom like a balloon in one 4-koma. Worrying. The longest story is about Bulma and Vejiita trying to find an answer to Trunks' question "What is suki?" (Suki = likeable/favourite) Barely manages to avoid being ecchi. The last story is a weird one based on a dream Kurizaki-san had. O_o Bizarre, and lots of wet kissing. [20 pgs]

Bad Habit!