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Bad Habit!


I've been collecting Kuri doujinshi for years, and they've remained my firm favourite that whole time. This is as good as it gets! ;D Good stories, nice artwork, terrific humour, and, well... romance and sex. Sometimes mild and sometimes hentai, but always very... interesting. =^_^= I can't imagine better VejiBuru stories. The artist's name is Kurizaki Masumi, and yes, despite all the cheesecake pictures of Bulma, Kurizaki-san is a woman. However, I think she did have helpers or other members at some points. You can always tell her though because her caraciature looks like 4th form Frieza. I'm fairly positive she's also done Darkstalkers doujinshi, and I know she's at least done a One Piece copybon, but regardless of series, anything she's done, I want. ^_^ Super Get! Even when her books aren't marked as being Adult, if you'd like to shy away from sexual content, I'd warn you to be wary of any and all Kuri doujinshi. ^_^;

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Ureshi Tanoshi Daisuki
Title : Ureshi Tanoshi Daisuki [Book 1] (Happy, Enjoyable, Loveable!)
Published : 20/Aug/1992 Size : B5
Comments : As far as I can identify, this is Kurizaki-san's first DB doujinshi. It was co-authored with another circle named B-Line, and there are a few other guest artists as well. The stories are all set around the Cell Saga, since DB wasn't far advanced from there in 1992. This has some really interesting pictures, it seems Kuri was just beginning to explore VxB. Apart from pictures and 4-koma, Kuri did two gag stories. B-Line's contribution is... very shoujo, and the stories are fairly basic romantic drivel. So it doesn't interest me that much. But despite being rough, this is still a great book. [51 pgs]

Title : P.G
Published : 22/Oct/1992 Size : A5
Comments : This is Kuri's second Dragonball doujinshi. Of course, it's not VejiBuru, as you can tell by the cover, but even though the character focus is different, it's still very much her style. Anyone who's got her first few books will know Gohan and Piccolo are also two of Kurizaki-san's favourite characters. This is just sickeningly cute. =^_^= Both Piccolo and little Gohan are adorable. [28 pgs]

Hanky Panky
Title : Hanky Panky [Book 2]
Published : 24/Nov/1992 Size : B5
Comments : This has one long story and lots of 4-koma. There's sexual innuendo in the comics but the story is purely dramatic. Vejiita is sitting on CC's roof looking at the sky and thinking about his past. Bulma suddenly disrupts his musings by putting baby Trunks in his face. The two then talk a bit, still about Vejiita's childhood I think. There's some very good page layouts in this. The story strikes me as being a little bittersweet. [28 pgs]

Title : Fever [Book 3]
Published : Mar/1993 Size : B5
Comments : I wasn't sure if this was book 1 or 3, but now I've got it and yep, it's 3. I lusted after this and I think it's my most expensive Kuri dj to date. ($60 >_<) This has lots of 4-koma, and a nice Cell-saga drama story which is really sweet. The illustrations are exceptionally... well, kinky. ^_^;;;; (I'm glad you can't see the back cover.) There is a really short adult story in the back, but it's not too noticeable. The artwork has the roughness of their early work, but I still think it's quite nice. [36 pgs]

Title : Vitamin [Book 4]
Published : 30/May/1993 Size : B5
Comments : This is a Trunks & Family book. The long story concerns Mirai Trunks talking to young Gohan. Very dramatic but not angsty. The first bit of the book are the usual comics, all featuring Trunks. One is a cute one where Yamcha, Vejiita and Trunks all vie over who gets to put a blanket over the sleeping Bulma and Trunks. There are some really nice and not always very modest Trunks pictures in this. One illust is so... gorgeous I couldn't help but share it. ^_^ Trunks a la femme! There's also pictures on the first and last pages that are really neat. The first shows Mirai Trunks standing holding the hands of Vejiita and Bulma as children. In the back cover though, Trunks is holding the young Bulma and chibi-Vejiita is attacking him. ^_^; [32 pgs]

Bad Habit!