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Bad Habit!


Page 2 of the VejiBuru-y goodness. Yum!

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Title : Erotica Seven Jyunbi Gou [Book 7a?] (Erotica Seven Preparatory Number)
Published : 22/Aug/1993 Size : A5
Comments : This doesn't have an official place in Kuri's numbered doujinshi volumes, however, as it's Erotica Seven's preparatory number, I felt it could go into the main group and not be tacked on the end. As for how similar the content is to Erotica Seven, well, it doesn't have any of the stories that E7 contains, it's mainly 4-koma and short gags. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone except completists. [20 pgs]

Yeah Yeah
Title : Yeah Yeah [Book 6]
Published : 21/Nov/1993 Size : A5
Comments : I love the back cover of this book. ^_^ It's very cute. This contains one 11-page main story, and then some extra comics and illustrations. Some of the illusts are just excellent. The story is set a little after Gokou's death. Bulma gets drunk with Kuririn and Gohan one night, and when Vejiita tries to take her to bed she's still a little tipsy and half-asleep. She'd dreamt about Vejiita dying and she clings to him weepily, which flusters him, then she won't let him leave her without giving her a kiss. ^^ There's lots of 4-komas, too. [36 pgs]

Erotic Flame
Title : Erotic Flame [Book 8a]
Published : 14/Apr/1994 Size : B5
Comments : Eheheheh... I'm glad this has one very nice non-H drama with gorgeous art and a melancholy plot, because the first two stories kinda... jump into PWP. For anyone worried about H levels, I'd have to say is was "steamy". I know that sounds stupid, but this manages to be relatively non-explicit while still providing pages and pages and pages of sex. =_=; For an unedited cover scan, click here. [62 pgs]

Hitokuchi Dohwa - Ohana-chan
Title : Hitokuchi Douwa - Ohana-chan [Book 10a] (?? Fairytale - Flower-chan)
Published : 21/Aug/1994 Size : A5
Comments : This is the first No.10 doujinshi, and is composed of short comics that were included in their other doujinshi or other people's doujins, along two themes. The first is a sort of fantasy-like A/U where Bulma is "Ohana", a kind of flower nymph, and Vejiita is a prince (I know he's always a prince but now he's dressed in poofy clothes to make it obvious). It's all about Ohana's sexcapades... yes, as a flower! The others are a fast-food setting, which are a little more innocent and involve MTrunks as well. ^_^ [44 pgs]

Kyou kara Kibou no Hito
Title : Kyou kara Kibou no Hito [Book 10b] (Person Desired Since Today)
Published : Aug/1994 Size : B5
Comments : I went through a very long and painful struggle, and was even cheated twice, to get this doujinshi, so I have a strong emotional attachment to it. >:x I didn't give up trying for it. Partly because I'm too stubborn to ever give up, and also because this book has a long story containing Mirai Bulma. ^_^ If there's anyone neater than Bulma (a hard task), it's Mirai Bulma. Also, I fell in love with the cover. Bulma looks scrumptious. :9 This has several short gag stories, mostly lightly MTrunksxBulma, and many cute illusts. Bulma&Trunks is so much rarer than BulmaxVejiita, but I really like it a lot. There's a guest story by Miki Shinya. It's MTrunksxChiChi, so it gets points for originality if nothing else. Sadly, my book is really old and beat up... ;_; [40 pgs]

Bad Habit!