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Pink Dreamers

This circle consists of two artists, Hinoki and Henatyo-Kotaro. Henatyo-Kotaro is the cover artist of this doujinshi, but Hinoki has a techinically better style. However, both styles are nice. They don't have a unique or exceptional edge, but they pass my exacting expectations. ^_^; All of the doujinshi I've seen of this circle have been entitled 'My Push', and have been numbered. This particular book has content for several series in it, and quite a few of them are of interest to me. Namely, Bleach, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, Harry Potter and Hellsing. Other series it contains are Vagabond, Chikita*GUGU, Digimon Teams, and a few others. I am interested in 'My Push 3' & 'My Push 4', which are Inu Yasha djs, but apart from that I don't know what series they've done. I've also finally been able to ascertain that Hinoki is the same 'Hinoki' who drew Violinst of Hameln doujinshi. You can see one here.

My Push 5
Title : My Push 5
Published : 30/Dec/2001 Size : B5
Comments : This is mainly sketches, illustrations, free-talks and short one pages comics. There's a few pages of comics for Sen to Chihiro, Digimon and Hellsing (featuring the "Pineapple Army"), and one or more illustrations for Harry Potter, Bleach, Vagabond, Chikita*GUGU, and a few other illusts and sketches for one or two series I'm not familiar with. I found the BLEACH pic of Ichigo and Rukia to be quite nice, and the HP one is very cute. The art overall is cute and the tone of the whole book humourous. [20 pgs]

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Bad Habit!