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Bad Habit!


I've managed to find out a small bit about this circle, but it was initially a whim buy based on the artwork. The art is just terrific and I couldn't resist! ^_^ They've also done some other VoH books, one of which I have seen before but didn't get... I kind of regret that now. All of their other VoH seem to be HamelxFlute, some H and some normal. Hinoki has since joined up with another artist and formed the circle 'Pink Dreamers', that do doujin from a variety of series. I have some of Pink Dreamer's doujinshi in the Inuyasha and Multi Series section.

Wilder Than Heaven
Title : Wilder Than Heaven
Published : 28/Dec/1997 Size : B5
Comments : This only contains one story, which is rather long and very adult. It's a bit rough, but not actually all that explicit. Certainly not on the level of "H" books. It deals with Hamel and Flute while Hameln had transformed into a demon. However, there are also some nice sketches in the back of the book, but only of Hamel and Flute. (Well, Lute shows up in a 4-koma...) Most of the sketches are also adult but very nice. The art is absolutely great. ^_^ [30 pgs]

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Bad Habit!