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Event Anthology

'Event Anthology' is kind of a rough classification. Basically, several circles that were involved with a recent HieixMukuro doujinshi event got together to produce two books, Progress and Paradigm. They aren't officially published anthologies per se, but they are technically anthos, although published under the circle name 'Pomodoro', which is the cover artist's circle. Of course, this is the current YYH fandom. It seems that the new, mostly web-based, generation has hit on a lot of couples (such as YusukexKeiko) that were never paid any attention to years ago while KuraHiei had centre stage. I would have loved to see an anthology of works by the old HxM circles, but this is still quite fulfilling. I find that current artists have less shounen-like styles than the old-school circles, which is a shame, but most of the art is of an acceptable quality. ^_^

Title : Paradigm
Published : 9/Aug/2002 Size : A5
Comments : This has 10 circles as authors. This has all types of stories; gag, serious, and honobono. There's 4 novels, making 21 pages total, only one of which has an illustration. The cover is by Seiji of circle Pomodoro, who does really cute HxM stuff. Some of the stories have some ecchi content, but it's generally tasteful. In one of the funnier stories, Mukuro gets drunk, really drunk, and comes onto Hiei something fierce. He gives in eventually, but makes sure he gets up first so that Mukuro won't kill him when she finds him in her bed the next morning. However, he hadn't counted on her seeing the kiss mark on his collarbone. [76 pgs]

Event Website:
HieixMukuro Only Event

Bad Habit!