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Bad Habit!


This circle has very unique art. It took me a while to realise that I've seen it before, as FF8 doujinshi. The artist's name is Misuzu Asou, and her site reports that she has done FF7 books as well. Misuzu-san's style is quite original and peculiar. Her style of faces and clothes and details are very alternative, and the level of detail she puts into her work makes it beautiful despite a few minor proportion problems. I particularly took note of her character design for Sesshoumaru, which gives him a look that's different from either the anime or the manga. He still looks like he's just stepped out of a salon, but somehow he also looks wild, more like a dog.

Title : Kotodama (Power of Language)
Published : 2002 Size : B5
Comments : This is a drama SesshouRin doujin. Basically, it has two stories. The first is Jaken telling Rin about Sesshou's childhood, if it can be called that. Possibly he is also talking about how the relationship with Sesshou and Jaken developed. The second, with the same title as the doujin, is set recently after Sesshoumaru resurrected Rin. She is having nightmares while sleeping a little ways away from him. Sesshoumaru sends Jaken off to fetch new clothes for her and goes to sit by her. His presence comforts Rin, and when Jaken returns, he finds Rin sleeping under Sesshou's arm. The next day, Sesshou is going to leave Rin, but out of desperation, she pleads with him by calling out his name. This makes him re-consider and he lets her follow him, and her remembered ability allows Rin to tell him her name. [34 pgs]

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Bad Habit!