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Bad Habit!

Y Project

I don't know anything about this circle, apart from the fact that they've done several other YYH books. One is entitled Wild Cat, and the other is a copy-bon. Their artwork is a little shoujo, and they draw Mukuro as cute, which is nearly a crime, but I couldn't help but get this when I had the chance, because... it's Mukuro! And she's a featuring character! And Hiei is kinda cute too... _ Not that that's influencing me or anything. Not at all.

Published : 23/Nov/1994 Size : A5
Comments : This has to be one of the most blatant MukuroxHiei old-school doujin I've seen. ^_^; Mukuro and Hiei discuss Raizen, with Mukuro seemingly indicating that in the past, Raizen was somewhat a friend or guardian to her. Hiei says something that upsets her, then comforts her with a hug and words. However, when he gives her a kiss, Mukuro's usual assertiveness comes back and he gets slapped for his trouble. Mukuro is willing to forgive him, however. ^_^ There's several other short stories and illustrations, including several half-text, half-illust pages. [44 pgs]