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Yokoshima Sisters

For those of you completely new to Dragon Ball doujinshi collecting, Yokoshima Sisters are possibly the most widely known and popular circle, for several reasons. Their books feature nearly all the characters, the art is very close to Toriyama's and their plots are funny. All their books except for the Hechara series have PiccoloxGokuh in them, usually mild except for the two PWP hentai ones. A nice circle to start with, especially since their books have become more common recently. I'm not a big fan of them personally, but like a lot of people I fleshed out my early collection with them.

Head-Cha-La 4
Sale/Trade Willing
Title : Head-Cha-La 4
Published : 29/Dec/1991 Size : A5
Comments : The most noticeable storyline in this one besides the normal PiccoloxGokuh shounen-ai is Kuririn attempting to ask out boys, since girls don't seem to be interested in him. But no matter who he shows an interest in, he always ends up getting the crap kicked out of him. Eventually Gohan consoles him. ^_^; It's poster in the front is actually in portrait-poster style, of Trunks, Piccolo and Gokuh. [156 pgs]

Head-Cha-La 6
Title : Head-Cha-La 6
Published : 29/Dec/1992 Size : A5
Comments : This has some nice little stories. Bulma and Trunks share a talk that unfortunately, doesn't come out to Trunks liking. Juuhachigou is looking for new clothes and so her two male companions give her their (stupid) opinions. Of course there's large sections of guest art and comments, and PxG stories. In a very funny one, Gokuh takes Piccolo shopping, which ends up being a complete disaster. This has quite a few cute pictures, including one of Juuhachi and Kuririn, and sexy pull-out poster of Bardock! [142 pgs]

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Bad Habit!