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Bad Habit!


I quite like the artwork of this circle. It's dark, slick, a little strange, and ultimately beautiful. I'm sure it wouldn't be to everyone's tastes, but it is to mine. When it comes to drawing different perspectives, this artist just blows me away. And the battle scenes are great as well. It seems their doujinshi usually have DemitrixMorrigan undertones. (Or should I say MorriganxDemitri? ^_^;) Other characters appear as well though. But anyway, Morrigan is easily one of my favourite characters. Her chara design is so fantastic, you just get this crazy itch to draw her. >_<

Zankoku Monogatari
Title : Zankoku Monogatari (Cruelty Tale)
Published : 30/Dec/1994 Size : B5
Comments : This is one single story. Demitri and Bishamon are playing some kind of chess-like game when Morrigan makes an unannounced visit. After having a small mock-battle with Demitri she goes off to have a bath. Demitri and Bishamon talk until Demitri notices a cat. Bishamon is quickly beat up by Felicia, who then attacks Demitri, digging him with her claws. Morrigan returns from her bath slowly, obviously feeling frisky, and is shocked to see Felicia delivering a solid hit to Demitri's jaw. After checking to see that he's OK, Morrigan makes short work of Felicia, who's upset to be beaten. Demitri manages to sit up, but his injuries are probably not helped by Morrigan curling up around his shoulders as a sign of affection. ^^ [36 pgs]

Title : DHAMPIR 2
Published : 20/Aug/1995 Size : B5
Comments : I really have the feeling this is a second part of a longer story. It launches instantly into a fight between Demitri and Donovan. Morrigan is unconcious but wakes up during the battle. I think she's under Donovan's control, as she starts fighting against Demitri, although he's not trying to hurt her. She gets in the way of a serious attack intended for Donovan, and Demitri grabs her and bites her neck. While he bites her, she plunges her hand into his chest. Noticing a line of blood coming from his mouth (well, she probably did just puncture a lung) she licks it and then sinks her teeth into him. (I'm sure that's not a common experience for him. He certainly doesn't appear to enjoy it. ^^;) Donovan walks up to them, unafraid of Demitri in this situation, but in the knowledge that she will self-heal (because she now has vampiric blood in her?), Demitri tears Morrigan apart and attacks Donovan until he's KO'd. Morrigan's pieces come back together and Demitri takes her off, although she's really unhappy when she wakes up. ^_^; She gives him a lecture. [48 pgs]

Bad Habit!