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Tenkuran, a.k.a So Mauo, is in my opinion most definetely the best Harry Potter doujinshi artist. Her artwork is gorgeous and whimsical, which is at odds with the style of potterdjs being released currently. As well, she tends to have an all-character focus, with Sirius, Lupin, Fred, George, Harry, Ron and Hermione being the main characters. Her character interactions are very good, and suit the series wonderfully. Most of her work is sweet, but that doesn't stop her Riddle stories from being plain frightening. She's also done Tales of Phantasia, Rurouni Kenshin, and Darren Shan doujinshi. She hasn't seemed to have outright left HP, but she's definitely slowing down on it.

Hogwarts Observation Diary
Title : Hoguwaashi Kansatsu Nisshi (Hogwarts Observation Diary)
Published : 11/Aug/2000 Size : A5
Comments : Half of this book is by Nagi Taira, the artist of Megane-ya, but definetely the most wonderful thing is that a lot of the dj is by So Mauo herself. ^v^ Her art is so nice, and everyone looks just like I they do in my imagination. The stories are humourous in nature, with the trio, and just a teensy bit of Fred, George, and McGonagall. Lots of nice and inventive illustrations. The cover in particular is very nice. [40 pgs]

Wild Child
Title : Wild Child
Published : 6/May/2001 Size : B5
Comments : Also co-presented with Megane-ya, the two seem to call themselves Godric (Nagi Taira) and Salazar (So Mauo) when they work together. ^_^ There's a little more stuff by Taira-san than Mauo, but what work she does have is excellent. A humourous story about the trio and Draco, a few one-page comics, one with Ginny and the twins, and then a small, serious Tom Riddle story, which looks freaky. (As a note, the title is based on a song from one of Enya's latest albums. The somewhat butchered lyrics are on the back cover. ^_^) [36 pgs]

Drive You Crazy
Title : Drive You Crazy
Published : 29/Dec/2001 Size : B5
Comments : Piddly little copy book. A nice story of Harry's birth, a few other little stories I can't make out, but some great illustrations. Harry and Tom... and an almost totally black page of Sirius in Azkaban... Mmm... her drawings are simple, but so full of emotion. There's an ad for an in-production HP book, a Tom Riddle one, but I haven't seen it make an appearance. [16 pgs]

So Mauo's website:
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Bad Habit!