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Bad Habit!

Studio Taiyo

The most dynamic and alive artwork I've seen in Dragon Ball doujinshi. Very well-planned and in-character stories, that are witty and good for all audiences. I believe this is a circle composed of one person, Waya, but whether or not that's true, this circle has a very deep love for Yamcha. Although not all their books are Yamcha-centric, they have quite a few gag ones, there is a "series" of Yamcha books, done partially with Milk Land, which really show that Yamcha is their favourite. I own only the "wolf" books, none of their other works.

Wolf Hurricane
Title : Wolf Hurricane
Published : 16/Aug/1991 Size : A5
Comments : This has an action story about Yamcha, Tenshinhan and Bulma by Yoshida Yoshinori, then two stories about Yamcha by Milk Land. Then there's a thick story focusing on Yamcha and Bulma's relationship by Waya. Shows her version of how Yamcha got the scar over his eye, and Bulma's reaction to his death and resurrection when the Saiyans first arrive. Gorgeous, moving, breathtaking imagery and one panel of a topless Bulma. Blii~iiss. [100 pgs]

Wolf Typhoon
Title : Wolf Typhoon
Published : 15/Aug/1992 Size : A5
Comments : Two stories by Milk Land. One Yamcha&Bulma, another where some girl grows fond of Yamcha and makes Bulma jealous. Short comic by Waya, and a very long and dramatic story about Yamcha's reaction and initial relationship to baby Trunks. (He's disappointed and shocked.) At a party after (or just before?) the cell games, Bulma gets a little flak from the other Z-senshi because neither Yamcha nor Vejiita are in attendance. She leaves but runs into Yamcha on her way (who was delayed in a little village) and they talk on a cliffside gazebo (or whatever) which quickly escalates into an argument. Bulma breaks down and cries and the two seem to be reconciled... and Yamcha picks up baby Trunks, regards him and flings him off the cliff. And catches him before he hits the water. But the two now talk on milder terms, and share a kiss before the others turn up. [92 pgs]

Wolf Storm
Title : Wolf Storm
Published : 15/Aug/1993 Size : A5
Comments : The thinnest of the three Yamcha books, but this one is totally Waya's works, so I'm very pleased with it. Lots of illustrations and comics, and then a story about Yamcha after the Cell games are well and truly over, although it does skip time periods a bit. Shows how he sees Gokuh in Goten, his relationship with Bulma, some comedic action between him, Vejiita, Trunks, and Goten, and another sweet Goten & Yamcha moment before it ends. The last few pages do have a few panels of partial female nudity, but nothing major. I firmly recommend it, if only for the part where Goten is handing out beetles. [44 pgs]

Bad Habit!