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Bad Habit!

Rosy Cheeks & JC

Rosy Cheeks & JC have done quite a few dj together, and one or two each alone or with other circles. However it's mostly Rosy Cheeks that I'm after. The artist, whose name is Sumachi, has a very cutesy artsyle, which for some reason has grown on me. She seems to like lots of different pairings, both normal and shounen-ai, but everything is very mild. One thing I found interesting is that she said (perhaps jokingly), that she wouldn't mind the idea of Harry, Ron, and Hermione all marrying each other. (Since she likes RonHa, RonHari, and HariHa.) Freaky, ne? Somehow I think Mrs.Weasley would be upset... ^_~

Sono Mama de Iinda
Title : Sono Mama de Iinda (Just the Way you Are)
Published : 28/Oct/2001 Size : B5
Comments : A more general book, which makes sense considering it's one of their first. (I believe they did a copy book too, but I can't find it.) Mostly Harry, Ron, and Hermione, with a little Lupin, Gred, Forge, Ginny, Snape, and Dobby. The usual relationship gags. Too many to name, mostly shounen-ai, but a few normal ones. (If you can include SuneHa- as "normal".) No shoujo-ai, predictably. :P There's a few pages by a guest circle as well. Overall cute and funny, I really like it. [32 pgs]

Mame Shiba
Title : Mame Shiba
Published : 6/Jan/2002 Size : B5
Comments : The other circle responsible for this book is Jangal Meppo Coaps. This is a collection of one and two page gags, alternating every page by artist. There's also a comic by Megabastar, but they must be a guest, because they're not listed as a presenter. Has lots of character appearances & combinations, lots of really cute pictures and funny comedies, plus a teensy bit of SuneHa-. (One of many couplings Rosy Cheeks likes. ^_^) [28 pgs]

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Bad Habit!