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Bad Habit!


The artist for this circle has a very good style. It's not fancy or whimsy or anything really special but it is technically perfect and of professional quality. Also, Shiino-Ya has a nice mix of humour and gentle, normal romance that makes her books good for any Inu Yasha fan. She recently has stopped selling her books by herself but lets Animate sell them for her. Some have interpreted this as a sign that she will no longer be making new doujinshi. I think Shiino-Ya has also done some work in HunterxHunter anthologies. She may have done other things as her website profile lists quite a few favourite series, but I haven't run across any I've recognized.

Title : Enishi
Published : 29/Dec/2001 Size : B5
Comments : This is a mainly serious Inu and Miroku book. It has a few short stories and one long one about Miroku and Inuyasha talking and relating to one another. It's very heartwarming, and the end is sweet. There are a few pages of sketches as well. Overall it presents and interesting picture of the two; emphasising their relationship without turning it into something else. Kagome, Sango, and Shippou also show up a small bit. The artwork of this circle is just so cute. There's a picture in the front of Inuyasha as a kid, and one in the back of Miroku as a child, and they are adorable. [32 pgs]

2001 Sairoku Hon
Title : 2001 Sairoku Hon (2001 Re-record Book)
Published : 4/May/2002 Size : A5
Comments : This is a compilation of their first four IY doujinshi, Renge, Kasumi, Rakugaki Fax Book, and Yararete Tamaruka. The most delicious Shiino-Ya hit. The only book it's missing is Enishi, the Inu&Miro book published just shortly before it. Has lots of gags, a long MirokuxSango, and lots of sketches. I don't know whether there are any small bits missing from the seperate books, the only downside I can see is the smaller scale, but it really is a delicious read nevertheless, and generally a little cheaper than buying them seperate. Very Miroku centered with lots of sexy pictures of the boys. [140 pgs]

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Bad Habit!