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Bad Habit!

R.R.O.C. & Brappers

This was an equal collaboration, so I made a new page. R.R.O.C. and Brappers both did a couple of Harry Potter books, and obviously, like other HP circles, got into LoTR as well. After all, they're both foreign fantasy book-adaption movies, aren't they? Anyway, R.R.O.C. is a group that has a very simplistic style and tends to do humour and dark drama. Brappers does mainly humour, but some drama, which is generally run-of-the-mill. Brappers artists are Takatsuki Akira and Warabi Yuugi, although I'm not sure which is which. ^_^; Brappers also does djs for other series, some of which are yaoi I think.

Teo Toriatte
Title : Teo Toriatte
Published : --/Aug/2002 Size : B5
Comments : This is mostly comedy, with only one exception. Elrond is upset that Arwen will lose her immortality if she marries Aragorn and complains to Gandalf that she'll get old... and lose her beauty... He ends up in tears. ^_^; Galadriel freaks Frodo out by reacting just a little too enthusiastically to his offer of the One Ring. Get a grip, Gladdi. Saruman has some problems with his orcs, and there are several strange gags about Legolas. The serious story has Legolas and Aragorn talking just after setting off Boromir in the boat. (;_;) There's also several nice illustrations. I was disappointed there was so little Gimli seeing how Legolas showed up so much, but I guess we can't have everything, ne? [30 pgs]

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Bad Habit!