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Bad Habit!

Rosy Cheeks & JC

Like lots of other circles that got into Harry Potter, Rosy Cheeks and JC also wrote doujinshi for Darren Shan and Lord of the Rings, which lends some weight to the theory that dj artists get their inspiration partly from other doujinshika, instead of totally from the object of the parody. But enough of that. Rosy Cheeks only works seperatly from JC on copybooks, of which they have one for Lord of the Rings, which is a whopping 6 pages and so obviously worth getting. (Not...)

Kumo Wo Mo Tsukamu Wana
Title : Kumo Wo Mo Tsukamu Wana
Published : 4/May/2002 Size : B5
Comments : The characters in this are Aragorn, Frodo, Boromir, Legolas and a little bit of Merry and Pipin. Some shounen-ai connotations... it seems Legolas and Aragorn both get really jealous if anyone else pays too much attention to Frodo. ^_^; Rosy Cheek's artwork is really cute, although there's slightly more stuff by JC. [20 pgs]

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Bad Habit!