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Bad Habit!


RAT's is made up of quite a few artists, and have done doujinshi for other series. The only one I've seen is for Sailormoon. This group is most famous for their really cutesy stories with chibi-Hiei. This guy's gorgeous! ^_^ He's got all the quiet menace of the real Hiei, but seems far more cynical and deceptive. Maybe it's just because you don't expect something so little and cute to be so evil. (Reminds me a bit of my pet budgerigar.)

Yuuyake Ringo
Title : Yuuyake Ringo (Sunset Apple)
Published : 10/Oct/1993 Size : B5
Comments : This is made up of lots of stories, jokes, & guest illustrations. In the first Yusuke and Kuwabara are baiting chibi-Hiei with a line of food. No matter how much he's got he still picks up the next piece, until he trips on a rock and spills everything. When Kurama comes upon the scene he beats up the two deliquents then lays in Hiei's path to see if he will want him. But Hiei just steps on his head. The second story is a very funny one where Yukina stays a night with Kurama. He tells her she looks cute in her pyjamas... and when she turns to blush, a rock bounces off Kurama's head. Who threw that? It's answered when the next comment Kurama makes to Yukina is followed up by a narrowly-avoided sword aimed at Kurama. Hiei is let in and escapes to Yukina's bedroom, where the two boys proceed to have a bit of a battle, while trying not to wake the girl up. But their noise does rile Kuwabara, who was hiding under Yukina's bedsheets. Needless to say, the entire house goes up in flames. ^_^ [52 pgs]