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Pink Dreamers

Pink Dreamers is a circle consisting of two artists, Hinoki and Henatyo-Kotaro. The My Push series isn't just limited to Inu Yasha doujinshi, although My Push 3 is IY. I really love these two artists, their work is cute and humourous with great technical skill, and Hinoki also has a soft adult side, if that's your cup of tea. In two other places on this site, I have doujinshi up by Pink Dreamers or Hinoki alone. These are in the Violinist of Hameln and Multi Series sections. Since I've described the circle already in both of those places, I thought it would be best to direct you to them instead of repeating it all again, especially since it's mostly just praise for Hinoki-san's art. ^_^

My Push 3
Title : My Push 3
Published : 30/Dec/2000 Size : B5
Comments : The first half of this book is SesshouRin, and the second half MiroSan, with a NarakuxKikyou illust in between. All the SesshoumaruxRin is gags, and quite funny ones too. Jaken has some real trouble adjusting to the new member of the group, and how Sesshoumaru treats her. ^_^; The MiroSan is also mostly humourous, with gags about Miroku's continual quest to find opportunities to grope Sango. The final story is a longer, serious one by Hinoki, with Miroku and Sango having a talk. There's also several freetalk pages where Hinoki-san and Henatyo-Kotaro talk about the IY couples, and some other things. [32 pgs]

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Bad Habit!