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Bad Habit!

Penguin Tanteiden

This circle is rather famous for their cuteness and comedy, and it's a well deserved reputation, I can tell. Their artwork is sugary cute, and the expressions of people are done just right to be hilarious. Plus their screentone work is just incredible. There's really no place this circle is lacking. ^_^ The artist's name is Rena Izumibara.

Shinobi Way
Title : Shinobi Way
Published : 2000 Size : B5
Comments : Oh, wow. This is so hilarious! XD Both Naruto's team and Kiba's team show up, and the stories are really funny. Sasuke and Naruto try to defeat Kakashi with the Sexy no Jutsu (Girl-Sasuke is so kawaii!), but fail. And my favourite, of course, Sakura tries to make Sasuke fall in love with her using a potion in a rice-ball. That one has a sweet ending. ^_^ [84 pgs]

Uzumaki Guruguru
Title : Uzumaki Guruguru
Published : 4/May/2002 Size : B5
Comments : I was really, really pleasantly surprised when I bought this, because it's practically a Sakura-main book! \^0^/ Wai wai! The first story involves some kind of woman contest between Ino, Sakura and Hinata where the prize is a date with Sasuke. The panel of judges are Kakashi, Iruka, Hokage-sama and Asuma. But... Naruto wins it by accident. He uses Sexy no Jutsu to get Iruka's attention and of course Kakashi immediately votes for him. ^_^; Neither boy looks happy about the date... and Sakura is furious. The second story is also about Sakura, and is really cute. [24 pgs]

Bad Habit!