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Bad Habit!

PALS in Kuroshiogumi

Wonderful, clean, and dramatic artwork along with a good blend of serious and funny stories makes this circle a winner with nearly everyone. Unlike a lot of other DB circles, there's no dirty humour of any kind. The humour in their work is thus very original and witty, and highly amusing. ^_^

Welcome Home My Son 5
Sale/Trade Willing
Title : Welcome Home My Son 5
Published : 29/Dec/1995 Size : B5
Comments : This is the 5th part of a series. The first four seemed to be about Mirai Trunks interaction with Vejiita, but this one focuses on a 20-year old MTrunks and a 17 Trunks. MTrunks comes back and his younger double isn't happy to see him, especially as Goten pays attention to MTrunks. Beautiful artwork. This also has a guest story in the front contributed by the artist of the circle Wolfpack, about Mirai Trunks coming back to "help" Vejiita fight Majin Buu. ^_^; [52 pgs]

Welcome Home My Son 6
Sale/Trade Willing
Title : Welcome Home My Son 6
Published : 28/Dec/1996 Size : B5
Comments : This is the last book in this series. Trunks still is angry about MTrunks, but has ceased his violence towards him. The two Trunks and Goten go out for a picnic or something and Goten falls asleep. MTrunks shows Trunks the twisted remains of Cell's Time Machine and Trunks loses some of his anger. The two spar and eventually MTrunks leaves. By the time he gets in the Time Machine, Trunks is on good terms with him. ^_^ [62 pgs]

Gracias 2
Title : Gracias 2
Published : 03/May/1998 Size : A5
Comments : Their second compilation dj. This one has some Mirai Trunks stories, some with Vejiita and some just after the fight with Cell, before he returned to the future. As well, Buu saga gags, one of my favourites being a parody about Vejiito. I just love this circle's humour, and would recommend this book to everyone and anyone, as one of PALS's best books and as one of the best DB doujinshi overall. [160 pgs]

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PALS in Kuroshiogumi

Bad Habit!