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Bad Habit!

Nexus 6

This kojin circle's member is Hiki Ushio. He's done several Hellsing doujinshi on varying subjects. One is hentai (I'm unsure of the coupling[s]), and another seems to be IntegralxSeras shoujo-ai. (I could be wrong, but...) He does like AlucardxIntegral though, as you'll see if you check out his website. Be careful though... you might just die laughing if you read his online Hellsing comics. Some of them are wicked. XD

Moero!! Arthur
Title : Moero!! Arthur
Published : 10/Aug/2002 Size : B5
Comments : Brilliant! XD The artwork in this isn't surreal like a lot of Hellsing art, but makes up for it by being just plain great. There are several short gag-type stories, and one main drama one. Everything has an Arthur-focus of course. The one I just had to scan from has Arthur snatching up his new-born child, climbing onto the Hellsing building's roof, and proudly displaying her to the world. (^_^;) In a 4-koma, Arthur puts frogs in Alucard's coffin. Very pi**ed-off vampire. The main story is about Arthur first meeting Alucard. It's extremely funny, very interesting, and shows some unique interaction between Alucard and a child besides Integral. [38 pgs]

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Bad Habit!