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Bad Habit!

Nekomaru Douhonpo

Nekomaru is the name of this circle's artist, and Nekomaru Douhonpo is the circle's name. (It took me a while to figure out the kanji. ^_^;) I would really like to know if Nekomaru-san has done doujinshi for other series, because they're hugely popular at the moment, and I'm sure there's some reason for that other than their art, even if it is incredible. On Y!J people are willing to pay insane amounts for their books. >_< Nekomaru Douhonpo have done at least one other IY doujinshi, also hentai, and exclusively MirokuxSango. I was about to post this when I went back to their website and found that their site is closing down and all the art is removed. ;_; Only the links and Oekaki BBS will remain for a while.

Inu Yasha Doku Hon
Title : Inu Yasha Doku Hon (Inu Yasha Poison Book)
Published : 29/Dec/2001 Size : B5
Comments : This has one short and fairly explicit InuxKago story, and a longer, dramatic MirokuxSango which has a short and mild (for this author) sex scene. The artwork is absolutely beautiful and there are a few standalone illustrations that are really cute. The cover picture is just amazingly good. >_< I have to admit, although I love the way they draw Sango and Miroku I'm not so fond of their Kagome. She looks really young. ^_^; The tone of this book is quite humourous, and the MiroSan story is romantic and sweet. I only wish the InuKago wasn't quite so hard... [24 pgs]

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Bad Habit!