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Bad Habit!

Lily Yamatoya

This wasn't a group I knew about before I found their djs. I saw Inu no Nemuru Basho and instantly fell in love. I wasn't even a InuYasha fan the first time I saw it, but I quickly became one. It was a little difficult to eventually track down a copy of Inu, but it was worth it. ^_^ Mmmmm. SesshouxRin is my secret shame. Not hentai, this isn't a lolicon thing, but I do love the way the two interact; he's old and evil, she's very young and innocent. It's not a combination I see often, or even if I do, done as well as this, but I really find SesshouRin fascinating. Lily Yamatoya used to sell her doujinshi on her website, but she has stopped. She seems to be a fan of the "older boy & young girl" relationship type in general judging by the other fanart and doujinshi she has done.

Inu no Nemuru Basho
Title : Inu no Nemuru Basho (Where Sleeping Dog Lies)
Published : 26/Aug/2001 Size : B5
Comments : This doujin was the one that finally made me dip into Inuyasha, which I'd been avoiding because I knew I'd get hooked. ^__^ A literal translation of the title, I think, is "Dog Sleeps in This Place". Sessoumaru is very in-character, cold, rough and dark, and Rin's smallness and vulnerability is highlighted. The balance and contrast between them is wonderfully executed. Ano... I don't have space to detail the story, but basically this is about Rin's struggle to keep up with Sesshoumaru after she first started following him, and her thoughts on him. [24 pgs]

Shiroi Hana, Akai Hana
Title : Shiroi Hana Akai Hana (White Flower, Red Flower)
Published : 4/May/2002 Size : B5
Comments : This has one story that follows the theme of the title. After her kidnapping by Kagura, Rin wants to give flowers to Sesshoumaru, as she feels he is cross with her. The flower she wants is growing on the edge of a gully and accidentally she falls into it. Sesshou notices she's missing and wonders if she left of her own accord. He has mixed emotions - she should live with humans if that's her desire, but why does he feel pain about it? However, he smells blood, and his rememberance of her death sends him chasing after her. When he finds her she explains why she was lagging and gives him the flower... but it was crushed by her fall. In his own semi-cold way, Sesshoumaru comforts her about the flower's demise, and reassures Rin that he isn't angry with her. It's quite lovely, showing a child's emotions without being icky or patronising. The author writes about feelings so eloquently. There's also illustrations & sketches, mainly of Sesshou and Rin. [32 pgs]

Amaneku Hatten No Baikai Toshiteno Hiteiron
Title : Amaneku Hatten No Baikai Toshiteno Hiteiron
Published : 25/Aug/2002 Size : B5
Comments : This book was first printed as a copy-bon, then off-set printed, however, due to it's very short length and the fact that it wasn't inked (and thus is sketchy pencil) Yamatoya-san seems to still call it a copy-bon. Very short story, Sesshoumaru notices Rin tripping behind him. He reaches out to her and then it changes to a scene where he's reaching out to an older Rin (mid or early teens) and kisses her. It gets a bit ecchi, as she has nothing on, but isn't adult. I'm not sure if Sesshoumaru was thinking about that, or if it actually did cut to the future. Anyway, after that is a page of sketches (really cute stuff with Rin & Jaken) and a page of text. Beautiful for SesshouRin fans, but nothing much for anyone else. [16 pgs]

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