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Bad Habit!

Kisei Seikatu

Don't be put off by this circle's simplistic artwork. I am notoriously picky about artwork and beautiful work, and yet no matter how often I read through these I come away impressed with the doujinshi overall, because the stories are just excellent. After a while reading them you stop noticing that the artstyle isn't all that terrific. They usually have sketches from other series in their doujinshi, so I take it that they probably did doujin for other series too, but I've never seen them. They also did a few more books than just the Honobono series, including one focused totally on the Mirai world, Miraiseikatu and a few VxB books.

Honobono Kazoku 4
Title : Honobono Kazoku 5
Published : 15/Aug/1993 Size : A5
Comments : This issue has two stories, each long enough to be a doujinshi on it's own. The first one is a magnificent tale of Mirai Bulma and Trunks, which shows some of the inhabitants of the future world and their interaction with Trunks. The second story is one of Honobono's 'What You Didn't See' tales, about Vegeta returning from the Cell battle to a jubilant Bulma and their last few days with Mirai Trunks before he leaves for good. After that are their usual pages of short gags (lots of these), and of course pages of Japanese text discussions, but you hardly notice. [100 pgs]

Honobono Kazoku 8
Title : Honobono Kazoku 8
Published : ??/Apr/1994 Size : A5
Comments : This begins with lots of pages of gags, has a short Kx18 story, a short story about Mirai Bulma and Trunks, and then the first half of Nightmare, a great story and an absolute must for VxB or Bulma fans. In this part, Bulma's mother tells the Z Senshi Bulma is missing, and ChiChi is attacked at her home, but isn't overcome. Then parts of the city start blowing up, so the fighters rush to the scene to find... Bulma, of course! She has been turned by Dr.Gero into No.4 (I'm sure there's some logic behind that, but I haven't gotten the story translated yet) and although she fights them, she seems to swap between an evil cyborg and her real self. This only serves to confuse the others and she does quite well. Meanwhile, Gokuh has teleported to Gero's lab to find out what's happened to her. The final page shows... Vejiita about to blow her away? Much to Trunks' chargin. After that cliffhanger ending there are more gag pages. [100 pgs]

Honobono Kazoku 9
Title : Honobono Kazoku 9
Published : ??/July/1994 Size : A5
Comments : Has the conclusion of Nightmare, the story of cyborg Bulma, and launches right into it. Gokuh returns to the battle, which is still raging. Although Vejiita keeps attacking Bulma, Trunks keeps trying to defend her, until she's really damaged and kneeling on the ground. She fires a few shots at Vejiita and Trunks flies up to him (to make sure he doesn't do anything I guess) and in his absence Bulma shoots herself, which surprises not only Vejiita and Trunks, but herself as well. She dies smiling (weird) and Vejiita blows her up. (She was already dead, you understand.) Kuririn comes back, as he had been sent to get the Dragonball's and they wish her back to life. I don't know if she remembers anything (she doesn't seem to) but she seems quite put out with his coldness to her. They go home and see both Trunks', but Vejiita keeps seeing her cyborg self as well as her. Eventually though, everyone goes outside to meet and the image of the cyborg fades away. Probably would be better if I could understand it, but it's quite powerful anyway. After that is gags, a Kx18 story, a VxB story, lots of dicussion about Majin Vejiita, more gags, and a short Mirai Juuhachigou story which is kind of violent but quite good. [108 pgs]

Bad Habit!