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Bad Habit!


I always thought this circle's cover art was cute, but it wasn't until I was informed one of the main characters in a book of thiers was Hermione that it became a *must have* item. :D And then their second book turned out to be Fred & George, so it too was GO. I'll definetely have to look out for their works after furture events. And I really have to thank Yasushi for the opporunity to get these. ^_^ Even though I got them at different times, I bought both from him. Actually, I recently discovered that Kinofuronika has branched out in Lord of the Rings as well. :9 I believe the artist's name is Ren Takuma.

Sale/Trade Willing
Title : Kaleidoscope
Published : --/--/2001 Size : A5
Comments : The art in this book is simplistic, but because of the kind of soft & tender way the stories move, this actually doesn't bother me too much. The first story is a conversation between Hermione & Ron on the train, in the second the three of them witness a locket falling out of Snape's pocket, and it turns out to have a picture of Lily inside, who Hermione seems to recognize. Snape demands it back and there's a little conversation about it between the three children. Also quite a lot of nice one-shot illos, some from other artists. [24 pgs]

Title : Harujion
Published : 29/Dec/2001 Size : B5
Comments : I love the twins, and I think it's a shame that only not-so-great artists focus on them. (Except Fuku-Zin, but I think theirs is FredxGeorge... O_o) So this joint book between Kinofuronika and Mad Collection is very welcomed. MC does most of the art, but I like Kinofuronika's sweet style as well. The twins think Ron and Hermione make a cute couple and tease them about it. Hermione replies that although Ron is nice, he has no chance with her because he has such crazy brothers. But this just spurs the twins on and they follow her around, annoying Percy as well as the trio. ^_^; [28 pgs]

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Bad Habit!