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Bad Habit!


This circle has done doujinshi for other series, the one I've seen mostly being Gundam Wing, but as for Naruto, they mainly do Kakashi+Sasuke doujinshi. The artist is Makimura Saiko, and her art is gorgeous, and when I realized they'd done a few Naruto+Sakura books I couldn't keep my hands off them. :9 They're really great, in fact, I'm tempted to get their Kakashi and Sasuke books, even though that's a squicky couple. (I wouldn't mind the age gap so much if so many KakaSasu doujins weren't adult.) But anyway, this circle is certainly the best for Naruto&Sakura.

Sutetasu Obu Raihu
Title : Sutetasu Obu Raihu (Status of Life)
Published : 29/Dec/2000 Size : B5
Comments : This book features guest stories and novels by quite a number of other artists, but the majority is still drawn by Kaiten-Mokugyo's main artist, and is really beautiful. Although it's very much sweet and mild NaruSaku, Sasuke and Kakashi do show up, and some other characters in illustrations. The longest story seems to focus on Sakura as she thinks by herself and then has a talk with Naruto. The end is so sad. Wistful and gorgeous. *sigh* =^_^= [60 pgs]

Kengaku Oboe no Aru Adabito
Title : Kengaku Oboe no Aru Adabito (Inspected Memory of Another Person)?
Published : 11/Aug/2001 Size : B5
Comments : This is a really sweet doujinshi, with only one story in it. Naruto thinks of Sakura, the 'girl he loves', and has a serious discussion with Iruka over ramen. (It seems to mix the topics of life and food. ^_^;) There's actually not a lot of Sakura in it, except as little memories, until the end where the two are collecting leaves together and Naruto is reflecting on what Iruka told him. It's so nice, really calm and touching. [24 pgs]

Bad Habit!