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Bad Habit!

Inu Pro

Most of the time this circle is known as Ine-Pro. They published a very large amount of Gundam Wing doujinshi of many different types under the name Atumi Anikees. They've also done Breath of Fire doujinshi and binsen of various series. Despite their sometimes explicit content in GW djs, their Inu work so far has been innocent and cute as can be, and their style is very crisp and solid.

Mince Special
Title : Mince Special
Published : 20/Jan/2002 Size : B5
Comments : Humourous general book, although focusing mainly on Kagome and Inu Yasha. The artwork is very crisp and all the gags are funny, although the humour is a little dirty now and then. But I must admit it made me laugh. The most widely-known story from this is where Inuyasha goes to Kagome's world and rifles through her stuff while she's gone... and gets caught with her underpants on his head. Sesshoumaru and Yura also appear, with Sesshoumaru looking particularly tasty. [24 pgs]


Bad Habit!