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Bad Habit!

House da House

This circle is a normal-coupling circle, with InuxKago being the main focus. Her artwork is good, following the character designs of the anime faithfully, but a little cuter. It suits her works as most of her stories are humourous or love-love romantic. She's quite popular and the quality of her books is high. They're good general Inu Yasha doujinshi.

Waikyoku Shoushi
Title : Waikyoku Shoushi
Published : 28/Dec/2002 Size : B5
Comments : This book has a Sesshoumaru focus. The first few gags and stories have Kagura and Kanna having a bit of a spat in Mt.Hakurei, and Rin revealing to Inuyasha & Co. that Sesshoumaru is a nice person to her. (To Sesshou's horror.) This is followed by a well-illustrated novel, six pages of sketches and talk about the Inu Yasha live-action plays, which is quite interesting, and a final story about Sesshoumaru discovering that in the IY game, one of his moves is to twirl. Thus, he feels he must master this and tries it out when rescuing Rin from Jakotsu, with not-so-expected results. First-hand sellers can give you the accompanying sticker! \^0^/ [30 pgs]

The website of House da House isn't link free; she has to be informed and as I can't write Japanese messages with my computer I can't ask her permission. However, some of the other Inuyasha circles I've linked from my site have links to her site, which is called 'Doggy Paradise'.

Bad Habit!