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Bad Habit!

Honobono Company

Bright, chirpy, silly, and absolutely, absolutely funny. I feel quite justified in saying that for general, pun after pun after pun humour, Honobono Company takes the gold, not just for Dragon Ball but for every series they choose to bestow their semi-deformed style on. Interestingly, they can draw better than it seems; they just choose not to. Some of their volumes are common, some are more difficult to find.

Marugo 2
Possibly Sale/Trade Willing
Title : Marugo 2
Published : 16/Aug/1991 Size : A5
Comments : Frieza and Namek-saga gags. Quite thick, some cute stuff with Frieza, Zarbon, and chibi-Vejiita. (See Zarbon's reaction to getting a lollypop stuck in his braid! NOT amused.) Also, Frieza mistakes Vejiita's plea for Gokou to kill Frieza as indicative of a relationship between them, and invents a mental scene to go along with this thought. So damn funny! :D [52 pgs]

Title : CC
Published : 15/Aug/1992 Size : A5
Comments : Although it says romance of Mammy and Daddy, it's not in the normal sense of the word. Bulma's parents try to babysit little Trunks, but he's having none of it. Mirai Trunks isn't doing too well with Vejiita either, in a few gag pages, and really shows his... weird side when trying to make sure Bulma and Yamcha break up. (Ever wanted to see Trunks look like a visual j-rocker on a budget? I didn't think so.) There is one semi-dramatic story, but in true Honobono style it can't go a single page without having humour interjected here and there. [36 pgs]

Bad Habit!