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Bad Habit!


I'm usually really picky about Harry Potter artwork. I mean, I don't like the way most circles draw their robes, the only group who I was totally in agreement with was So Mauo, but I don't really like her Snape. :P Akiko Hinata's art is semi-realistic compared to normal anime fare, and pulls off the HP characters quite well. Her Snape, for example, is more rough-looking that most people draw him, but I can see him looking like this. Basically it seems I've got another favourite circle to add to my list. Now if only I could play Zelda so I'd feel legitimatised in buying her Zelda dj.

Ride on a Breeze
Title : Ride on a Breeze
Published : 20/Mar/2001 Size : A5
Comments : Finally! Her first potterdj is mine! ^v^ This has one drama, and one gag story. In the gag, Harry has come to stay at the burrow. The first thing the Weasleys do is give him a red wig. (So he'll fit in? He doesn't wear it long.) Then Ron shows him his room, which Fred and George have somewhat re-decorated since he last saw it, so that the theme is now lace and hearts. Ron is upset. That's not the twin's only trick, though, and the next one targets poor Harry. The drama also concerns Harry & Ron, but while at Hogwarts. There's also a guest story with rather simple artwork, but it's quite dirty, really at odds with Hinata's nice stuff. [32 pgs]

Toki no Wasuremono
Title : Toki no Wasuremono (Left Behind By The Time)
Published : 11/Aug/2001 Size : A5
Comments : This is one, long story, and quite a few characters appear, all looking very nice. Even Draco looks nice, not that I care one way or the other. Even more surprisingly, Crabbe and Goyle look OK. Now there's an acheivement! But anyway, the story is very good, both humourous and touching, and focusing on Snape. :) I'll be happy to give a detailed synopsis of the story if you ask. (I got it translated. ^_^) [36 pgs]

Fly With Me
Title : Fly With Me
Published : 18/Nov/2001 Size : A5
Comments : Just a little copybook, but the most difficult to get. Not even Hizashi, who sell their doujinshi from their website, have copies to sell anymore. :P This has lots of different characters. The teachers (I love Snape's expression when McGonagall grabs his robe!), the trio, quite a few one-page illustrations, a great little comic: Fred and George teasing Percy about Penelope, then following the couple to see if they do anything together. It turns out they do... studying! The pages are doubled-over. [16 pgs]

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Bad Habit!