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Bad Habit!

Hello World

Do I really need to write up an introduction for Hello World? As long as you've been seriously in the doujinshi world for 6 months, you'll have seen Hello World's distinctive art, whether their own books or on the front covers of anthologies. Mostly gag and drama, although sometimes with romance, and the occasional risque, shoujo-ai, or shounen-ai sequence. However, even their Utena stuff is general audience, so I don't think anyone has to approach this circle with caution.

Title : Mia
Published : 29/Dec/1992 Size : A4
Comments : A lot of humour in this, about the Black Moon family and the senshi in general, although there's also one dramatic story about Venus, in both her past life and this, and her experinence with Princess Serenity's death. Then a dramatic story focused on Kunzite, in his past life. There's some Dark Kingdom humour, one of which is a very funny gag about the Senshi and Zoisite both "adding" to their uniforms to accomodate for the freezing winter weather. :) [70 pgs]

Kaze no Youni, Yume no Youni
Title : Kaze no Youni, Yume no Youni
Published : 5/May/1993 Size : A4
Comments : This is a kind of thick book with one long drama story about Kunzite, Endymion and Minako. I got it rather out of curiousity. I like Minako and Kunzite, and this story does both of them justice. It's very serious, and seems to be mainly about Kunzite's gradual dislike of the Moon Kingdom, with an interesting scene of the interaction of the two. [62 pgs]

Title : Flower
Published : 3/May/1996 Size : B5
Comments : I really got this book to flesh out an order... but it's not one of Hello World's early books so the artwork is very smooth. It's got characters from the Deathbusters, Pegasus and Nephrina eras of the show, and most of the characters turn up, although focus is on Chibi-Usa and Super Sailormoon. There's also a short with Ami and a boy I don't recognize, and a picture of the Amazon Senshi. It's actually quite funny and the art is beautiful. [24 pgs]

Bad Habit!