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Bad Habit!

Hanamaru Yoikogumi & Johshu

I love the liveliness of Hanamaru's artwork and the skill of Johshu's. Both have very funny stories which combine actual plot with riotously funny jokes. Sometimes it's more silly than witty, but it's never too silly, and it's always amusing. ^_^ Johshu at least has done a recent DB book, but I think they've mostly moved on to other series. Each circle has only one member (to my knowledge). Johshu's is Usami Kei, and Hanamaru Yoikogumi's is Akechi Hanamaru.

Title : CHU 2
Published : 02/Oct/1994 Size : B5
Comments : The continuation to Chu Shichauzo. This one has better art and the more interesting part of the story, with Vejiita and Mirai Trunks (in Zarbon's clothes) running into chibi-Vejiita, then nearly wrecking Frieza's ship when Vejiita uncovers some Saibamen chibi-Vejiita had been growing to enormous proportions... Very funny and great artwork. ^_~ This book is exclusively by Hanamaru. [48 pgs]

Title : Attention
Published : 29/Dec/1994 Size : B5
Comments : Main characters are Trunks, Goten, Piccolo, and Gotenks. It happens while they're waiting around on Kami's tower, but I'm not sure of the exact point in time. Vejiita appears too, but it's actually just his body (he's dead at the time) being animated by one of Gotenk's kamikaze ghosts. So when Trunks hugs him (having difficulties over his death), Piccolo barely grabs him away before the phony Vejiita blows up! ^_^; [56 pgs]

Honey D
Title : Honey D
Published : 1995 Size : B5
Comments : This has stories from several time periods, or maybe not, since all are very wacky. Some are obviously just post-Buu. A lot of ones by Usami Kei actually, there's only one story by Hanamaru. All Son and Briefs family (I'm counting Piccolo as part of the Son family ^_^) as well as Juuanagou for some nutty reason. [36 pgs]

Johshu's website:
Yes, it's a Gokou squirrel

Bad Habit!