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Flamingo Club

I first saw Flamingo Club doing Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi doujinshi, and after that, their artstyle always reminds me of the character designs for that movie. ^_^; Even though it's quite different, really. The artist is Takenoko-san, and evidently she has a fond spot for sweet little girls, because Rin is her interest in the Inuyasha fandom. ^_^ Even though I usually prefer slicker artwork, Takenoko-san has exceptional talent both with screentone and ink painting. Even if the subject matter wasn't two of my favourite characters, I'd still consider getting these books.

Yahan no Tsuki
Title : Yahan no Tsuki (Midnight Moon)
Published : 23/Nov/2002 Size : B5
Comments : The cover of this book is so beautiful! >_< This has three stories in it. The first is Rin remembering how Sesshoumaru saved her from Jakotsu and Suikotsu, and thanking him. In the long story one of Naraku's puppets visits Sesshoumaru one night and is talking to him about Sesshou's father & brother and something about Rin too, it seems, until Sesshoumaru destroys the puppet. The last story is a very short one where Rin wakes up from a nightmare about her parent's deaths to find comfort with Sesshoumaru. Included is a greyscale illust of an image FC published on binsen. [20 pgs]

Yoru no Samayoi
Title : Yoru no Samayoi (Night Prowling)
Published : 28/Dec/2002 Size : B5
Comments : In the main story, Rin is alone watching Ah and Un while Sesshoumaru and Jaken are off. A nearby pack of wolves starts baying, making Rin remember her violent death. When Sesshou and Jaken return, they find her curled up under a tree, and she reaches out for Sesshou as soon as she sees him. The two realize what's bothering her, and Sesshoumaru picks Rin up and mounts Ah and Un, flying up into the sky to relieve Rin from the sound of the pack. The second story is about Naraku's two daughters, retrieving a shikon shard and then talking. Kanna shows Kagura an image of Sesshoumaru in her mirror. Kagura views it with melancholy before thinking about the fact that Naraku does the same thing; viewing Kikyou through the mirror, preoccupied with her. There's also two pages of 4-komas by a guest artist between the stories. [28 pgs]

Koharu Biyori
Title : Koharu Biyori (Mild Autumn Weather)
Published : 3/May/2003 Size : B5
Comments : This is co-authored by Kimiyou Na Mori No Seibutsu D, another Sesshoumaru-based circle. Their artwork is very shoujo and has good use of screentone, but they don't really interest me. This includes 3 colour pictures, each by a different artist. ^_^ Takenoko-san drew two stories for this. In the first, Sesshoumaru is thinking about Rin. She draws his attention to a tree's falling leaves (or maybe they're petals), and he catches one in his hand while Rin is distracted talking to Jaken. It's a very calm story. The second is from Rin's point of view when she first finds Sesshoumaru. She's considering this person, and when he wakes up she opens her mouth, but nothing comes out. It's been too long since she last spoke. Then it cuts ahead to the future, where Rin is called to follow by Sesshou, and now, she can reply. Both stories are romantic in a sweet, quiet way. =^_^= [36 pgs]

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