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Earth Pop

Fuyuki Yukari-san is Earth Pop's artist. Earth Pop has done several Inuyasha books, all but these two being SangoxMiroku main. Based on the doujin I have and what I've seen of other books, it seems they like writing adventure stories, introducing temporary new characters. Their artwork is a little different from what I like usually, being a little stiff when it comes to bodies, but it's still has it's good points, and they're better at action drawings then I expected.

Title : Kuguri : Upper Volume
Published : Jun/2001 Size : B5
Comments : This is the first book of the two-part series. This begins with the five main characters bathing, with a rock separating the boys from the girls. The girls are suddenly approached by a strange lady who wants to bathe with them. Her name is Kuguri, and she's a fortune-teller. She tells Kagome's fortune and then invites the group to stay at her house, which is nearby. Kuguri comes to Kagome's room before she retires and gives Kagome the necklace that she had on before. During the night Inuyasha gets up and sees Kagome outside. He follows her to her room and she doesn't seem like herself, but suddenly Kagome pushes Inuyasha away. Kuguri appears (so do Miroku and Sango... they were listening in on Inuyasha and Kagome...) and it turns out the necklace is controlling Kagome. Kuguri makes Kagome choke herself, until Inuyasha says he'll take her place. [32 pgs]

Title : Kuguri : Lower Volume
Published : Jul/2001 Size : B5
Comments : This is the sequal to Kuguri : Upper Volume. Inuyasha has just accepted to take Kagome's place. Kagome (still under Kuguri's control) puts the necklace on Inuyasha. She collapses and Inuyasha begins to struggle. A shikon shard appears on his forehead and he transforms into a demon. Kuguri is triumphant, but Inuyasha's first move is to kill her and rip the necklace off his neck. (He did look silly with two necklaces. ^_^) The rest of the group are relieved, until Youkai Inuyasha turns on them too. Inside Inuyasha's head his human self is arguing and fighting with his demon half. Kagome fights Inuyasha and he almost kills her, stopped by Sango. Kagome is upset, and Inuyasha's transformation begins to waver. Kagome makes to shoot Inuyasha with one of her arrows, but at the last minute she drops her bow and smiles. Youkai Inuyasha digs his claws into his own shoulders, as the ningen inside him finally won. Kagome takes the shikon shard off his forehead, and all that's left is for the two to patch up their feelings. Overall, it's quite a good story. ^_^ [36 pgs]

Fuyuki Yukari-san's site:
Gate Keeper

Bad Habit!