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Bad Habit!

Fighting Bravo

Fighting Bravo has a rather cute style, one of my favs for IY dj. The artist's name is Masakazu Akagi, and she's also done quite a few InuMiro yaoi djs, but unlike a lot of other yaoi artists, her gag stuff focuses on the girls as well, and the ecchiness the boys often inflict on them. So I really like her normal books, and I think they'd be great for all IY fans. ^_^ They are very funny, and she draws such a cute Rin! Apparantely Masakazu-san is a professional. I don't know what other series she might have done dj for, but I think Fighting Bravo is a consignment artist for Doki Doki Station, so they might know more about her.

Title : Zen
Published : 6/May/2001 Size : B5
Comments : SesshouRin! Well, I consider it so. ^__^ Sesshou, Jaken and Rin find a dead soldier. Jaken and Sesshou walk on but Rin runs back to bury him, trying to dig the grave with her hands. Sesshou comes back and gives in, creating a large hole in the ground. (But Jaken ends up being the one to actually bury the poor fellow.) Rin and Sesshou talk, she gives him a flower, cries and hugs him. So sweet. Plus Inuyasha and Miroku get hold of a camera and try to take a picture of Sango naked, then they jump through the well into the modern world and get hit by a truck. (Miroku writes a dying message for Kagome to find in his own blood.) Totally hilarious. [32 pgs]

Title : Karuma
Published : 29/Dec/2001 Size : B5
Comments : *sigh* I thought that FB's Sairoku Shuu would completely satisfy my appetite for her works, but instead it strengthened it. I had to get this one as well. ^_^; This is, of course, really funny. The best part is the several pages of 4-koma. ^_^ Two are about Sesshoumaru and Rin and they're just great. The story in the end is about Kagura's "family". Kohaku and Kanna don't appreciate her, and call her "old lady", and refuse to eat some of the food she's made. However, they do show gratitude for her cooking and cleaning, in a rather unconventional way. [32 pgs]

Inu Yasha Sairoku Shuu
Title : Inu Yasha Sairoku Shuu (Inu Yasha Re-record Collection)
Published : 29/Dec/2001 Size : B5
Comments : This is a compliation of three of FB's books; Dog Fight, Gatten Shouchi, and Shikisoku Zekuu. All three are normal all-chara books, with Dog Fight and Shikisoku Zekuu being some of Masakazu-san's funniest work. Gatten Shouchi was actually her first IY doujin, so the art isn't as practiced and fluid as it is now. However, her gag stories always have rougher art than her dramas, so I'm sure her yaoi books are the nicest. This is still absolutely great, the funniest IY dj I have ever read. There's too much to summarise, but Inuyasha, Naraku, Sesshoumaru and all their respective "gangs" make humourous appearances in this book. There's some KagomexInuyasha and SesshoumaruxRin, but mostly from a gag perspective. [88 pgs]

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