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Bad Habit!


1-bit is a kojin circle. The artist/author's name is Kenchi-san. I've seen this circle's name before in correlation with FF7, FF8, Evangelion and possibly even Houshin Engi dj. From what I can tell, they seemed to be gag, but I wouldn't rule out shounen-ai. The information section of some of the books show doujin from a series I can't identify, which seem to be yaoi. Anyway, 1-bit does a cute Inuyasha dj; very, very silly. I know that doesn't appeal to everyone, but I like how she does it. Sesshoumaru is very obviously Kenchi-san's favourite character, which works fine for me because Rin shows up, and Rin is quite dear to my heart. I am quite set on getting anything Inuyasha she decides to create in the future. ^_^

Marumaru Sesshoumaru
Title : Marumaru Sesshoumaru (Completely Sesshoumaru)
Published : 21/Mar/2002 Size : B5
Comments : A really cutesy book. Lots of Rin as she runs around stirring up trouble for Jaken, Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru. ^^; Most of the stories are short, but all are funny. There's also some gag illustrations. The picture of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha clothes-swapping is particularly good, but there's two whole pages of "alternative" things Sesshoumaru could sling over his shoulder. Very scary. Overall, there's just so much Sesshoumaru and he's so good looking... I like it. [34 pgs]

Marumaru Sesshoumaru Plus
Title : Marumaru Sesshoumaru Plus
Published : 9/Aug/2002 Size : B5
Comments : This has several short gag stories, but the central story is deliciously funny too. Jaken is swinging an old sword around and he accidentally cuts off most of Sesshoumaru's beautiful hair. ^0^; Oh no! Well, he gets it back. The first and last comics are two takes on Rin shocking Sesshoumaru. In the first she says "I hate you!" Jaken expects Sesshou to do something, and when he doesn't, Jaken decides to take the chance to voice his own negative feelings. He doesn't last a second. ^_^; In the second, she says "I love you!" ^__^ And once again, Jaken decides to copycat. And once again, he gets the crap kicked out of him. That poor little guy just can't win. Also, there's a illust of Kouga-kun... :9 [24 pgs]

Namagoroshi de Ikou
Title : Namagoroshi de Ikou
Published : 29/Dec/2002 Size : B5
Comments : Co-authored with Tohru Okashina from Pure Heart Club, famous for yaoi and cutesy SephirothxCloud doujinshi. Despite the fact that Okashina-san is a pro, I prefer Kenchi-san's art. This book is so cool! ^_^ Both Okashina and Kenchi do stories where Sesshou is a chibi. In Okashina-san's, Sesshoumaru is struck by lightning, becomes a chibi, and then found by Inu & Co. Kagome insists on keeping him (she seems to think he's Sesshoumaru's son), but Sesshou manages to get away during the night, carrying his (now much bigger than him) Tenseiga. The long sword attracts more lightning and Sesshou is cured. Kenchi drew a hilarious story where Sesshoumaru accidentally gets infected with the bane of all dogs... fleas. He tries several methods to get rid of them, but the way he eventually does is just... evil. ^_^ One complaint... Okashina-san draws Kagome like a muppet. It's quite disappointing considering how detailed her Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha are. [44 pgs]

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Bad Habit!