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Bad Habit!

Bleach Anthology

I've seen a few BLEACH anthologies floating around, done by the same people doing the first wave of Bleach doujinshi, some of whom are good and some of whom are... not so interesting. Soul Cannibal didn't have as nice cover art as some of the others, but it caught my eye because it had work by Piyokokko in it. I'm a bit hesitant about anthos for this series. In my experience doujinshi produced while a series is still in it's infancy aren't the best, but although my inital thoughts of BLEACH were that it would suffer a stunted popularity like Zombie Powder, it seems to be picking up a reasonably sized following.

Soul Cannibal
Title : Soauru Ka-nibaru (Soul Cannibal)
Published : 21/Dec/2001 Size : A5
Comments : Published by Iris. This has 17 circles contributing comics and 4-komas, and thankfully, most of them have quite reasonable art. However, I think mostly this is re-prints from the circle's individual doujinshi. Piyokokko's contribution is just stuff that was in Orange, which is a bit of a shame. There's lots by Weekend, which isn't a circle I'm interested in, but Lily Cal Pop did a story and I discovered a few new circles that I don't mind. There's a little IchigoxRukia and some hints towards other normal and shounen-ai couplings, such as KisukexTessai. I'd definetely recommend this for a fan who's just getting into Bleach doujinshi, and even someone who just wants a large Bleach hit. [180 pgs]

Soul Cannibal 2
Title : Soauru Ka-nibaru 2
Published : 10/Feb/2003 Size : A5
Comments : Published by Iris. I never intended to get any further Soul Cannibals. But the Yu-kiriko cover got me hook, line, and sinker. ^_^ This has 20 contributing artists. Thankfully Yu-kiriko's not-too-large contribution is new, and quite funny. (As always.) Many of the circles from the first antho are in here too, such as Weekend, Lily Cal Pop, and Samurai Drive. There's quite a bit of work by Chiho & Job. ^__^ In fact, all of the artists in this are pretty good, which was a nice surprise. This deals with some characters that appear in later volumes, although of course, the early charas are still main. There's even an interesting story about Ururu, which is good. It's hard to find stories about minor characters. Couplings are IchigoxRukia, KonxRukia, and a few drama stories that are light shounen-ai. IchiRuki is by far the most popular normal coupling. I can see why and I enjoy reading it, but I'd like to see IchigoxInoue, myself... (Partly because a lot of circles write Rukia with a really soft personality. I didn't see her as being soft at all.) Overall, I'd say this one is better than the first. It's great, and I love it! [180 pgs]

Bad Habit!