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Bad Habit!


The absolutely famous Azumi Tohru (or Adumi Tohru). She put out works for a lot of popular series, including Samurai Troopers, Rose of Versailles, Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakusho, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, and illustrations in her artbooks from many others. So it figures that she would be quite experienced, and most of her doujinshi have ultra-lush productions. Lots of colour pictures, vellum overlays, etc. ^_^ Her art is so popular because the semi-watercolour and gentle colours both suit the cute and the dramatic, the pretty and the hauntingly beautiful. I'm not such a fan I'd want to get everything, but there are a few books that I'm delighted to get.

Haru Kitaru Oni
Title : Haru Kitaru Oni (Demon of Spring)
Published : Aug/1994 Size : A4
Comments : This was done in conjunction with Katagiri Atsuko. Both artists have two short stores. It's definetely Hiei-main, with Kurama and Yusuke appearing too. (At least, chibi-Yusuke.) But most importantly, there's a Mukuro story and a Mukuro illus! (Muuukuuuuro! ^È^) As well, the inside of the front and back cover each are a 2-page colour spread by the cover artists. Hiei looks very nice in Azumi's. [20 pgs]

Adumi Tohru's website: Electronic Hallelujah

Bad Habit!