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Bad Habit!

Arashi no Prelude-sha

Arashiyama Jonko is the artist of this circle, who also goes under the pen-name Miyama Jun. Arashi no Prelude-sha was quite popular for their Gundam Wing doujinshi, which were HeeroxDuo and from what I've seen, quite hard and explicit. However, like Ine-Pro, their Inu Yasha work has been malexfemale and not too ecchi. The main couple they write about is InuyashaxKikyou, but they also do some InuyashaxKagome and MirokuxSango. ^_^ I quite like their interesting art style, which is suited to the fantasy of Inu Yasha, although their super-deforms are a little freaky.

Touhou Kenbunroku
Title : Touhou Kenbunroku
Published : Mar/2001 Size : B5
Comments : This doujinshi is mainly humourous, with a few stories that start off dramas before becoming a little silly around the end. The main theme is the love triangle between Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kikyou, including a set of 4-komas about the rivalry between Kagome and Kikyou. However, there are also a few comics about Sango and Miroku (mostly Sango beating up Miroku). The humour does get a little dirty, but nothing beyond most shounen comics. There's also a small bit of Kouga and Naraku in some of the comics, but Sesshoumaru only shows up as a really little SD. There's a colour page in the front and back, which makes the book even more beautiful. [32 pgs]

Inu Demo Darlin
Title : Inu Demo Darlin (Dog But Darling)
Published : 5/May/2001 Size : B5
Comments : This is mainly InuyashaxKikyou 4-koma, showing the two both before and after Kagome's arrival; in a sort of domestic situation and when Kikyou is trying to get Inuyasha to die with her. There's an all-chara gag story and a bit of MirokuxSango stuff as well. There's some particularly nice illustrations of Kikyou and Inuyasha, in both the 'serious' and 'cute' styles of this group. [20 pgs]

Inu Yasha Koi Mandala
Title : Inu Yasha Koi Mandala (Inu Yasha Love Mandala)
Published : 11/Aug/2001 Size : B5
Comments : I love the little SDs on the cover. ^_^ They make up an 'Inu Yasha Mandala', just as the title says. A mandala is a Buddhist visual cosmogram representing the world and different aspects of existance. It's made up of many colours, and usually made of semi-precious stones or sand. This has MirokuxSango and InuyashaxKikyou stories, as well as a few illustrations and 4-koma. There's also a page of gags about what MirokuxInuyasha would be like, according to Arashiyama Jonko. This has some nudity and ecchi scenes, but nothing really beyond that. [20 pgs]

Bad Habit!