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Bad Habit!

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Okashila's artwork is famous, and it's well deserved as she's extremely, extremely good. Gensou Suikoden fans will probably recognize her work; she's done quite a few books in that field. I have in the past owned several of her doujin and they've always been very comedic, and beautifully drawn. I particularly enjoy visiting her site because she likes Son Gokou of Dragon Ball, and her pictures of him are so cute. ^_^ I adore them.

Title : Damnation
Published : 28/Dec/1997 Size : B5
Comments : Sephiroth, Zax and Cloud are the main characters in this book. Aerith, Nanaki, Dr.Hojo, and Tifa make small appearances, but for the most part it's just the three Soldiers. The stories are all Sephiroth->Cloud. In one, Hojo is admiring Sephiroth from a distance when he accidentally catches Sephy in the act of trying to take advantage of Cloud. The poor boy manages to escape in the confusion and Hojo freaks out at Sephiroth. In another, Sephy has to attend a party of Rufus', and gives Cloud a dress so he can be his date. His daydreams of dancing with Cloud are interrupted by Zax putting a sword through his head and walking off with Cloud. ^^ It also contains some guest comics and 2 pages of guest art, one of which is by Hideaki Fujimoto. ^_^ [30 pgs]

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Bad Habit!